Peter Fortunato




PETER FORTUNATO'S 2016 Scheduled Seminars


Amassing Tax-Free WEALTH Using Self-Directed IRAs

February 27th & 28th, 2016 Atlanta, Georgia

Just a few of the topics that will be covered:

Simple IRA estate planning strategies that provide tax savings and asset protection
ŸAvoiding disqualified transactions that could cost over 150% of the investment in penalties!
ŸHow to make sure your lower valuations stand up to IRS scrutiny when converting to a Roth IRA...
ŸGet retirement income before you reach age 59 without penalty!
ŸInvesting in real estate and notes
ŸMaking loans & buying options with your IRA
ŸWhy Roth IRAs are for everyone! (you only thought you understood them)
Using land trusts and sub-trusts with IRAs
ŸMaking your kids millionaires with their own IRAs
ŸUsing SEP-IRAs to sock away 25% of your income
ŸProhibited transactions & disqualified parties
ŸCustodians that allow IRAs to invest in real estate
ŸSIMPLE Retirement Plan(s) & when to use them and much, much more...

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